Another one

I was just walking through the tunnels to get to the metro when I met a young guy, possibly his late teens. He leaned in in front of me, made a kissing face (this is very popular among the street harassers of Barcelona btw) combined with the let’s have some sexy time eyes and went: Holaaa nenaaa! Meaning hey little girl. I was so preoccupied with my own thoughts that I didn’t even realize what happened at first. Then I thought; oh you’re harassing me, I should blog about this. I’m becoming slightly jaded I think…


2 thoughts on “Another one

  1. I was walking through a park in Amsterdam today with my wife hand in hand, two guys came past on a bike, one with a camera pointing towards our direction, at first I just thought he was taking a picture of the park, but as we get closer he just took a picture of my wife, and started laughing about it before speeding off on their bikes. I was so shocked, at first I couldn’t believe what happened, and then angry. As a guy I would never think about doing something like this. Later I was talking to my wife about the incident and it turns out she puts up with this kind of think almost every day.

    • Yeah, my male friends are usually surprised too when I talk about it, cause it never happens when they´re around. I would have gotten so angry too with those guys you encountered. It just makes you feel frustrated and powerless, cause you can´t do anything about it. I hope kharma got to them in the end, and they fell off their bikes and broke their cameras. :/

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