Another one

I was just walking through the tunnels to get to the metro when I met a young guy, possibly his late teens. He leaned in in front of me, made a kissing face (this is very popular among the street harassers of Barcelona btw) combined with the let’s have some sexy time eyes and went: Holaaa nenaaa! Meaning hey little girl. I was so preoccupied with my own thoughts that I didn’t even realize what happened at first. Then I thought; oh you’re harassing me, I should blog about this. I’m becoming slightly jaded I think…


The Homeless Man

Last night I was taking the trash out from the restaurant where I work. While I´m struggling to make it all the way to the trash cans with my giant bag of restaurant garbage, a what appears to be homeless man, walks up to me in a rapid pace, as he is right next to me he goes: Hey, do you want to get together after you finish work??
I politely responded with a:
Then I just kept walking and he calls out: Hey! Beautiful! Hey!?! As alluring as he was, I chose to ignore him. When I walked back to the restaurant after throwing the trash he seemed to have given up and continued his search for a late night hook up elsewhere.

The Motorboater

I´ve been a bit absent for the past two weeks, and honestly it´s been due to a lack of harassments, I almost had my faith in humanity restored. Could it be that creepy guys on the street had become extinct? Well no, today on the metro one of them resurfaced to assure me that they´re not going anywhere. A guy entered the train with his friend, saw me and went: Maaamacitaaa! Hooolaaa! Followed by him motorboating into the air:
God, that´s attractive dude…
He finished his little mating ritual with pointing to his crotch while going: Come here! Come here!

A Man with a Plan

This happened a few years ago, and it´s kind of a funny story more than a creepy story. I was out power walking one warm summer night, messy hair, sweaty and wearing my work out clothes, there was no doubt about what I was up to, when a guy on a scooter pulls up and asks if I need a ride. I look at him and politely decline, while I keep walking. He starts slowly driving his scooter alongside of me and goes: Are you sure? I´ve got an extra helmet!
I´m sure, thanks but no thanks! I reply, still polite.
Ok, then can I have your number?
No, you can´t!
Why? Do you have a boyfriend? Come on, give me your number!
Sorry, no!

I keep walking and he actually gives up and drives off.
The next night, I´m walking to work when a guy on a scooter pulls up and asks if I need a ride. I look at him and realize, it´s the same guy, again!! I politely decline, again!!!
He starts slowly driving his scooter alongside of me and goes: Are you sure? I´ve got an extra helmet!
I´m thinking, is this guy kidding me?! He doesn´t recognize me from his lame ass pick up routine from the night before??
I go; I´m sure, not thanks!
Ok, then can I have your number?
Why? Do you have a boyfriend?

Ok, this was when I had just recently moved to Spain and my spanish wasn´t good enough at the time to tell him what I was really thinking, so in the end I just settled for telling him that yes, I did have a boyfriend, like that would be the only reason I would ever reject such a charming catch as himself… So he gave up and drove off.

The story gets even better when a few days later, one of my girlfriends tell me that when she was walking home from the open air cinema earlier that week a guy had showed up on a scooter and offered her a ride down the long hill. She had accepted, but the guy didn´t have an extra helmet with him, so the police stopped them and gave the guy a fine and my friend was left to walk the rest of the way. My guess is the guy learned from his mistakes and started bringing an extra helmet with him for his late night prowls.

The Midnight Stalker

So I was walking home from work as usual, it´s the middle of the night, and about two blocks from my house the streets get very empty. I live in a nice very quiet neighbourhood so this is nothing unusual at this hour. Suddenly a guy appears on my left side. Hey! Where are you going? What´s your name?
I try the old ”ignoring him until he goes away” trick, but it doesn´t work. He keeps walking next to me. Why aren´t you talking to me? He keeps repeating this question until I give up and answer; because I don´t want to talk to you!!
You don´t want to talk to me? He replies. But I want to talk to you, I just want to get to know you better!
I go back to ignoring him and start walking faster, but he just keeps following me, for the next two blocks! I even cross the street during a red light, running out in between driving cars to get rid of him. Unfortunately he just waits for all the cars to pass and then runs to catch up with me. Just when I turn a corner and I´m about to reach the door to my building he stops. He shouts; ok, bye!!! And he finally gives up and walks away.

The Paparazzi Tourist

I was on my way home, just got out of the metro and was waiting to cross the street. (Being held up by traffic really makes you an easy target by the way.) It´s just me and this guy standing there. He looks like your stereotypical tourist, blonde hair, camera in hand, short sleeved shirt, shorts, sandals with socks (why do people do that? Sorry, not judging anyone, I´m pro people wearing whatever they want and not giving a fuck, this just strikes me as a bit, I don´t know, warm? It´s Spain and like 30°C outside!) Anyway! At one point I accidentally glanced over at him and I noticed him staring at me, intensely, with a somewhat creepy smile on his face. His arms were just hanging down straight, trying to disguise the fact that he´s aiming his camera at me trying to take a picture. And if you think I´m being paranoid, it was obvious that´s what he was doing. He kept moving his hand that was holding the camera trying to get the right angle while he kept staring at me with his scary stalker eyes. I was so shocked my first instinct was just to turn my back towards him, and then luckily the lights changed and I could run across the street.

Two drunken guiris

So this actually happened a while back ago, last winter more specifically, but it´s such good blog material it must be mentioned as today´s street harassment, even though technically not today.

First of all I´d like to establish what I was wearing this night (as for some reason misogynistic a-holes out there like to use the old victim blaming argument of she was asking for it wearing something as slutty as that). I work as a waitress at a restaurant, my work uniform consists of a pair of black baggy pants, and a black t-shirt, accompanied by a pair of black sneakers, since it was winter, over this I was also wearing a knee long wool winter coat, also in the color black and a long scarf, in the bit more flashy color of pink. (Does that sound like I was asking for it?) So it´s late at night, it´s cold and dark, I´m on my way home, exhausted after working a 12 hour shift. I´m walking along the crowded sidewalk, as two blonde guys with british accents, come walking the opposite direction on the same sidewalk. As the second guy passes me, he raises his hand and slaps me on the ass. (!) I was completely shocked, and just stopped and stared in front of me. Yup, that really just happened. My mind cleared up and something inside me snapped, I turned around with a mixture of crazy and rage in my eyes, looking at these two guys who had now stopped a bit further down the street. They´re laughing and talking, until the first guy, the one who was “decent” enough to keep his hands to himself, noticed me, his laughing face immediately changed to a look of uh-oh. I started walking towards them shouting; Are you fucking kidding me?!? What the fuck did you just do?!! I kept walking, aiming for mr creepy hands over there, as his friend tried to approach me desperately apologizing; sorry, sorry, sorry…!!! I kept looking directly at his friend shouting; What the hell is wrong with you!?! I stopped for a second and met his eyes, and I realized this guy is so wasted he has no idea who I am or what the hell I´m talking about (for those of you who think this would be an excuse, it´s not, I´ve been wasted to the point of unconsciousness several times in my life and never once did it occur to me to walk around slapping random strangers on the ass). So I decided there would be no point in trying to argue with this guy, or to walk over there and demand that he gives me his cell phone so I can send a message to his mother telling her what a woman hating creep she raised. Instead I just settled for a final; fucking assholes, and walked away.