Laci Green talks about Street Harassment

If you´re not quite up to speed on the subject of street harassment, my girl Laci Green will give you a 5 minute lesson:


Hannah Price takes photos of her harassers

So many times that I´ve thought about doing this, just to see these creeps reactions when an object suddenly starts interacting with them. Photographer Hannah Price started taking photos of the men who cat called her, and the results are really interesting. I´m amazed by how vulnerable and human they all look, I almost feel sorry for them.

Image borrowed from The morning news/Hannah Price

See all the photos and read an interview with Hannah Price here.

The Literal Cat Caller pt 2

You shall all be pleased to know that my literal cat caller has now upgraded me from feline to angelita (little angel) and mi amor. I guess I should be happy he no longer sees me as an animal (no offense to cats, I love cats) but as something even more than human and also the recipient of his love. He called out these sweet words from across the street as I was taking out the trash from the restaurant and he just happened to be walking by. Why, thank you kind sir! You surely know how to make a lady feel all special!


Stop Telling Women to Smile

In a project titled “Stop Telling Women to Smile,” Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh places portraits of women in public spaces, encouraging victims of gender-based street harassment to fight back.


Read more about this awesome art project here:
Stop telling women to smile
or here:
Huffington post

Construction workers part 15 375

It´s been a slow couple of days street harassment wise. Saturday I was happy to be able to get to and from work without having my appearance rated even once by a random stranger. It was nice. Sunday I was too exhausted to even leave the house, so it was a quiet day too.
This morning I was walking to the vet to pick up some medicine for my cat. On my way there, I was first called Beautiful!!! by a man passing me in a mini van, followed by a construction worker making kissing noises at me. Nothing extraordinary, just some basic cat calling.

The Literal Cat Caller

At the restaurant where I work there´s this guy who comes in every week. He likes to communicate with me, not through words, but by using that little noise you make with your mouth when you call a cat. After threatening to stop serving him if he ever did that again, he has now stopped and is communicating with me like a normal human being.