Creepy Eyes

This man came in to the restaurant where I work accompanied by his two grown up kids. The moment I said hello to them something in his eyes changed, he went from communicating with two people, his children, to admiring an object, a painting or a sculpture. That´s how he looked at me, I wasn´t a human being, I was a complex romantic painting that he wanted to study in detail. Maybe it sounds like I´m being ungrateful when this man apparently found me beautiful (he also managed to tell me so with words), but have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone and the only response you get is them staring at you with mesmerized eyes and a half open mouth. I was asking questions about their order, while he had a look on his face that revealed his only thoughts to be; Oh, wooow, it moves…it looks so life like… Yeah that is extremely uncomfortable and creepy.

The only picture I could think of to best illustrate this facial expression was Sam Neill and Laura Dern looking at the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.


Hannah Price takes photos of her harassers

So many times that I´ve thought about doing this, just to see these creeps reactions when an object suddenly starts interacting with them. Photographer Hannah Price started taking photos of the men who cat called her, and the results are really interesting. I´m amazed by how vulnerable and human they all look, I almost feel sorry for them.

Image borrowed from The morning news/Hannah Price

See all the photos and read an interview with Hannah Price here.

The Literal Cat Caller

At the restaurant where I work there´s this guy who comes in every week. He likes to communicate with me, not through words, but by using that little noise you make with your mouth when you call a cat. After threatening to stop serving him if he ever did that again, he has now stopped and is communicating with me like a normal human being.

The no-personal-space dude

I was waiting to cross the street along with a bunch of other people. This guy comes up to me, literally puts his face 5 cm (2 inches) from mine and starts singing to me. Then he goes; hey baby, his face still right next to mine. I´m looking at him with a facial expression combined of shock and utter disgust, he shows no understanding of my perception of the situation, but just continues to give me the “let´s have some sexy time” eyes. I walk over to the other side of the crowd and wait for the lights to change.

Creepy metro guy

This took place during the celebration of the Catalan national day  a couple of days ago.  I was on my way to work, rushing to catch the metro, at the entrance there´s a drunk middle aged man midst national day celebrations, as I pass by he looks up and goes:

Holy shit! Do you have a boyfriend?? Hey, I´m talking to you, why are you ignoring me?? I will follow you if you don´t talk to me! I will follow you!!!

Luckily he didn´t follow.