The Homeless Man

Last night I was taking the trash out from the restaurant where I work. While I´m struggling to make it all the way to the trash cans with my giant bag of restaurant garbage, a what appears to be homeless man, walks up to me in a rapid pace, as he is right next to me he goes: Hey, do you want to get together after you finish work??
I politely responded with a:
Then I just kept walking and he calls out: Hey! Beautiful! Hey!?! As alluring as he was, I chose to ignore him. When I walked back to the restaurant after throwing the trash he seemed to have given up and continued his search for a late night hook up elsewhere.


Hannah Price takes photos of her harassers

So many times that I´ve thought about doing this, just to see these creeps reactions when an object suddenly starts interacting with them. Photographer Hannah Price started taking photos of the men who cat called her, and the results are really interesting. I´m amazed by how vulnerable and human they all look, I almost feel sorry for them.

Image borrowed from The morning news/Hannah Price

See all the photos and read an interview with Hannah Price here.

The Motorboater

I´ve been a bit absent for the past two weeks, and honestly it´s been due to a lack of harassments, I almost had my faith in humanity restored. Could it be that creepy guys on the street had become extinct? Well no, today on the metro one of them resurfaced to assure me that they´re not going anywhere. A guy entered the train with his friend, saw me and went: Maaamacitaaa! Hooolaaa! Followed by him motorboating into the air:
God, that´s attractive dude…
He finished his little mating ritual with pointing to his crotch while going: Come here! Come here!

The Literal Cat Caller pt 2

You shall all be pleased to know that my literal cat caller has now upgraded me from feline to angelita (little angel) and mi amor. I guess I should be happy he no longer sees me as an animal (no offense to cats, I love cats) but as something even more than human and also the recipient of his love. He called out these sweet words from across the street as I was taking out the trash from the restaurant and he just happened to be walking by. Why, thank you kind sir! You surely know how to make a lady feel all special!


A Man with a Plan

This happened a few years ago, and it´s kind of a funny story more than a creepy story. I was out power walking one warm summer night, messy hair, sweaty and wearing my work out clothes, there was no doubt about what I was up to, when a guy on a scooter pulls up and asks if I need a ride. I look at him and politely decline, while I keep walking. He starts slowly driving his scooter alongside of me and goes: Are you sure? I´ve got an extra helmet!
I´m sure, thanks but no thanks! I reply, still polite.
Ok, then can I have your number?
No, you can´t!
Why? Do you have a boyfriend? Come on, give me your number!
Sorry, no!

I keep walking and he actually gives up and drives off.
The next night, I´m walking to work when a guy on a scooter pulls up and asks if I need a ride. I look at him and realize, it´s the same guy, again!! I politely decline, again!!!
He starts slowly driving his scooter alongside of me and goes: Are you sure? I´ve got an extra helmet!
I´m thinking, is this guy kidding me?! He doesn´t recognize me from his lame ass pick up routine from the night before??
I go; I´m sure, not thanks!
Ok, then can I have your number?
Why? Do you have a boyfriend?

Ok, this was when I had just recently moved to Spain and my spanish wasn´t good enough at the time to tell him what I was really thinking, so in the end I just settled for telling him that yes, I did have a boyfriend, like that would be the only reason I would ever reject such a charming catch as himself… So he gave up and drove off.

The story gets even better when a few days later, one of my girlfriends tell me that when she was walking home from the open air cinema earlier that week a guy had showed up on a scooter and offered her a ride down the long hill. She had accepted, but the guy didn´t have an extra helmet with him, so the police stopped them and gave the guy a fine and my friend was left to walk the rest of the way. My guess is the guy learned from his mistakes and started bringing an extra helmet with him for his late night prowls.


Last night when I was walking from my one job to my other job, I was waiting to cross the street, tired and deep in my own thoughts, I´m looking at the cars coming from the right, waiting… As I turn my head to the left I´m met by an old man´s face coming at me at about two meters distance, making a big kissing face with the loudest kissing noise I´ve ever heard, I twitched and almost jumped backwards at the sight of this grandpa´s surprising expression of “affection”. It must have looked so funny, I wish someone had filmed it.