Creepy Eyes

This man came in to the restaurant where I work accompanied by his two grown up kids. The moment I said hello to them something in his eyes changed, he went from communicating with two people, his children, to admiring an object, a painting or a sculpture. That´s how he looked at me, I wasn´t a human being, I was a complex romantic painting that he wanted to study in detail. Maybe it sounds like I´m being ungrateful when this man apparently found me beautiful (he also managed to tell me so with words), but have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone and the only response you get is them staring at you with mesmerized eyes and a half open mouth. I was asking questions about their order, while he had a look on his face that revealed his only thoughts to be; Oh, wooow, it moves…it looks so life like… Yeah that is extremely uncomfortable and creepy.

The only picture I could think of to best illustrate this facial expression was Sam Neill and Laura Dern looking at the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park.


The Literal Cat Caller

At the restaurant where I work there´s this guy who comes in every week. He likes to communicate with me, not through words, but by using that little noise you make with your mouth when you call a cat. After threatening to stop serving him if he ever did that again, he has now stopped and is communicating with me like a normal human being.